Outpatient Services

Children and Adult Services

Specialty Clinics:  Deaddiction Clinic, Memory Clinic, Behavioural Modification Clinic, Marital Therapy, Group Therapy, Supportive Therapy and Family Therapy.

Timings – based on individual consultants availability… Kindly contact reception for particulars.

Inpatient Services

General Admissions

Emergency Admissions – Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), Emergency and Observation Ward.

Respite Admissions

Rehabilitation and Recovery Services

Deaddiction Services

Second Opinion Services


Home Visit Services

  • We do provide domiciliary/home visits for emergencies and non urgent cases on case by case basis at an extra cost Please contact us on
  • 0347 – 530 0141.

  • For more details contact Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. 
  • 0347 – 530 0141 

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