Philosophy Program

Not every alcohol residential treatment program / drug rehab centers run in the same manner; in fact, there are a variety of different philosophies that are used around the world. In Mind Care Rehab Center one of the first is the detox method, which focuses mainly on getting the drugs out of the system of the user. These programs are residential, which makes it more difficult for users to go back to their old lifestyle while going through the detox process.

12 Step Treatment program introduce the clients to a 12 step fellowship. This can be any of the following Narcotics, Cocaine, Alcoholics Anonymous 12 step programs. After the detox process, in Mind Care Rehab Center treatment program go on to treat the addictive behavior.

Although detox is very helpful, if you do not treat the behavior and the problems that cause the behavior, there is a good chance that the patient will go back to their previous ways. So, behavior modification is the primary focus of treatment program in Mind Care Rehab Center.

After behavior modification Mind Care Rehab Center offers relapse prevention programs as well, which have 12 Step meetings and support groups to help a previous addict / alcoholic continue to stay drug free after they have gone through a drug detox program.


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