What is Drug Addiction ?

Drug Addiction has become a serious problem in our society now days, which causes a destructive roll and adverse contribution to a person using drugs. Many people starts drugs without knowing the harmful effects and time pass but soon they get full physical dependency upon it. It not only destroys mental and physical health but also social environment too. It is the time that we must put in all our efforts to fight against it which could be only possible when we all are well aware of drugs and drug addiction itself.

Types Of Drugs Addictions 

Hash (THC), Heroin, Cocaine, Alcohol, Opium, Sedative pills, Tranquilizers, Tobacco, Marijuana and Stimulants. When a drug user consciously insists for the drugs and repeatedly uses such type of drugs without considering its horrible side effects then he may be labeled as drug addict.

Signs Of Drug Addiction 

Ignoring responsibilities at work, home and office, lost of interest in activities that he used to get involved in his normal life, low performance and involves in illegal activities. Lost of old friends due to sudden changes in mood, misbehaving attitude, changes in normal habit schedule like eating and sleeping.  Lack of interest in business; try to keep himself in isolation, demands for money without giving any arguments, sometimes develops stealing habits too. 

Weight loss, reddish eyes, bad breath, less conscious about cleanliness and lack of tolerance. Increase in drug quantity by the passage of time to get more and more fun which leads to total dependency on drugs. Due to physical reaction and reduce to withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, hopelessness, anxiety, tension, physical pain, constipation when ever he tried to reduce and quit drugs.

Why People Use Drugs ?

Many people use drugs just to escape physical and emotional discomfort and pain. Drugs temporarily relax and enhance a bit confidence and feeling of depression. They start smoking to deal with stress to enhance energy and confidence at school or at home. In some cases, they start using sleeping pills to take a constant sleep and start taking painkillers allay their severe back pain. It is also observed that due to some injury or physical disorder like migraine, epilepsy and some sort of pain, they start self medication and gradually become addict to overcome their physiological reasons.

But while the drugs might make the people feel better for a limited time, it ultimately backfires. Using drugs for a long time brings its own disasters in shape of major disturbance to normal daily life and functionality. The drug hits their physical, psychological, social activities and becoming more harmful as they increase the dose to overcome and find ways to escape their all above mentioned problems.


Common Side Effects 

Repeated use of drugs brings changes in brain which damages the ability, self control and self behavior. These changes produce extreme desire to use drugs again and again that makes addiction so powerful. Physical weakness of drug user affects badly eyesight, teeth, stamina and sexual ability. Neurotransmitters of brain start to depend on drug intakes.

Psychological effect on brain loss of self control, wants to be alone, decrease in social activities. Disturbance in family relationship, decrease sincere feelings to each other due to not fulfilling the expectation of a drug addict. Difficulty in finding a suitable job or run a business causes more depression and going more intakes of drug. Psychological disorder makes it difficult to manage religious activities.

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