About Us

Mind Care Rehab Center Rawalpindi  is a leading private Mind practice. We aim to help you take good Care of your Mind so you can make the most out of life. Mind Care Rehab Center provides specialist Mind assessment and treatment in a comfortable and confidential environment. At Mind Care Rehab Center we recognize that everyone is different. People don’t fit neatly into boxes and there is no single treatment formula that will suit everyone.

Our success is based on our commitment to understanding each person’s individual needs and circumstances then tailoring an individualized, evidence-based treatment approach. We offer treatment for most mental disorders from mid-adolescence through to older age. Collectively our clinicians can provide you with psychological therapy as well as medication where necessary. We work collaboratively with you to negotiate a treatment approach that feels comfortable and appropriate for your needs. 

At Mind Care Rehab Center we believe that all clinicians should be appropriately qualified for the services they provide. All of the Mind Care Rehab Center clinicians have university degrees along with practical experience built up over years of clinical work. Our psychiatrists are all registered medical practitioners who have post-graduate qualifications with the College of Psychiatrists. Our psychologists have completed Masters or Doctoral degrees in clinical psychology and have been endorsed by the Psychology Board of Australia to provide clinical psychology services.

They are also registered with Mind Care to enable you to claim a Mind Care rebate where applicable. Most clinicians tend to have areas of expertise so it is often helpful to see someone who has particular skills in your area of need. Before making an appointment it may be helpful to read about each of our clinicians to help you identify which one may be best suited to your needs. If your chosen clinician cannot provide what you need they will refer you to someone who can either within the practice or externally. Many people benefit from seeing more than one clinician if a variety of skills are considered necessary

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